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process of cultivation of corn

Corn harvest: from cob to corn on the table
The collection of cobs, typical of the end of summer, is an important moment to bring one of the most used foods in our diet to the table: corn.

Let's see today how to proceed with the corn harvest, when the corn harvest should be carried out and the best methods not to compromise the harvest
.If the corn is grown in the correct way, the correct time to harvest the corn generally falls in September, when the cobs reach maturity.Choosing the right time for the corn harvest is fundamental: if you wait too long, the sugar will turn into starch and the beans will lose their sweet taste; if it is anticipated, the cobs will be too moist inside and will tend to split.

To verify that the cobs are ripe and ready for harvesting, various tests can be carried out.

Choose the highest cobs. The upper panicles, in addition to maturing earlier, stand out compared to the others because they are more abundant and swollen. It is precisely the content that makes…